Top 10 ways to save money fast

Top 10 ways to save money fast

Most people have little to nothing in their savings account. Here are ways to cut your monthly budget.

1. Cancel  subscriptions and memberships that are not needed.

2. Stop cable bill and move to free online streaming like YouTube

3. Cut your expensive cell phone plan and use a cheaper prepaid option

 4. Get insurance policy through same company for discounts 

5. Increase insurance deductibles to lower your monthly bill.

6. Setup automated bill pay to avoid late fees

7. Pack your lunch to bring to work and make snacks at home. 

8. Be healthy by drinking water instead of paying for soda and juice

9. Carpool with coworkers instead of driving own car

10. Pay your saving account first. Keep it where you can’t access it easily,like and online account where you can’t access atm withdrawal.


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